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Khan is a Chinese Crested. His parents, Brad and Chris, both have terrible allergies, but desperately wanted a dog. After much research they discovered the answer to their prayers in the hairless breeds. They came across Khan at an out of state breeders’ and had him flown in. You can imagine their surprise and distress when they took their new, “perfect” puppy out of his crate and were faced with his deformed front legs.

This family did not set out to adopt a special need dog; in fact, they did everything possible to make sure they were buying their healthy dog from a reputable breeder. Unfortunately, if the breeder is dishonest, all the research in the world won’t help us. Despite Khan’s obvious disability, they fell in love with him and knew they could not send him back. Understandably, Brad and Chris had a few choice words for the breeder—they informed him they were keeping the dog and demanded a full refund.

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