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I was unsure if I would get a photograph of the fluffy Frankie, because he was very afraid of people and his family was equally unsure of how he would respond to our visit. Frankie was an American Eskimo Dog with behavioral issues and a short, deformed front leg, caused by abuse and neglect. Frankie had nightmares for two years after his parents adopted him. They told Jason and me he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and absolutely terrified.

My husband and I have a great respect for dogs and did not try to force our affections on Frankie; instead, we allowed Frankie to become comfortable with our presence in his house. Shortly after our arrival Frankie surprised everyone; it took some time, but out he came. He even allowed us to pet him. We were very honored indeed, by the trust and kindness he displayed toward us, so quickly.

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