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Julie is proud to be part of a group that helps feral cats. They routinely do TNRs, which is short for Trap, Neuter and Return. They journey to locations frequented by feral cats and lay out traps. Their objective is to catch the kitties and take them to a vet where they are neutered or spayed. This aids in curbing the wild cat population.

It was on just such a mission that Julie trapped Teddy. Teddy was taken to the clinic to be neutered. After the procedure Julie brought him home to recover before returning him to the wild. She gently draped a towel over his cage to help keep him calm and placed him in a tranquil corner of her house. At regular intervals she peeked in at Teddy to make sure he was okay. Instead of freaking out, as many of the cats she had trapped in the past did, he just gazed back at her, seemingly unruffled.

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