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One of Kizmit's favorite places to be is his own back yard. In his back yard he is king. This is the only outdoor space where Kiz is permitted to roam free. Here he has no harness or leash tethering him to his person. Kizmit is naked! He knows every nook and cranny of his personal play zone and defends it fiercely.

Sitting in the grass Kizmit patiently awaits a dog bark, a neighbor talking, or a car door closing—any excuse to go ballistic. I can always tell when he is preparing; his shiny black lips purse together to make an "O" shape. Next, the low rumbling begins. Then it happens—he kicks his back legs so forcefully grass flies everywhere. Honestly, it's coasted into my cereal bowl, coffee cup and frequently bings me on the head.

Read more about Kizmit in Blind Faith EXPANDED or the first book in the series Blind Faith.

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