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Sarah and Jim are large-dog people. Sarah grew up with Dobermans and Jim loves Mastiffs. Soon after they were married, though, Sarah discovered her 6 foot 3 inch tattoo—covered husband had a secret—he also loves Dachshunds. Not just regular Dachshunds but mini ones!

This couple actively foster dogs for local rescues. It was only a matter of time until fate stepped in and brought three mini Dachshunds into their home. Now if these dogs had been healthy and adoptable Sarah may have continued to solely be a large-dog person, but these puppies were sick and in need of much care. To Sarah’s surprise she found herself bonding with a tiny white female pup. After a vet visit she was informed the dog was blind in one eye and had vision issues in the other. She was also notified the teeny girl was completely deaf.

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