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Claire met Georgie while volunteering for a rescue. She distinctly recalls thinking, this is one of the most striking dogs she had ever encountered. Wanting a closer look, Claire approached her kennel. To her dismay Georgie pancaked. This is a term often used when a dog falls to the ground onto its belly, usually an attempt to make itself as small or unnoticeable as possible—a posture most often generated by fear.

Claire was desperate to help. She decided to take Georgie home over Christmas to determine if a new environment would help build confidence. By the end of the week Georgie was a significantly happier dog. Claire couldn't believe the positive transformations in her attitude. She seemed self assured and had openly begun to bond with Claire. Claire had also grown extremely attached to her. Claire was unable to keep Georgie because her yard was not fenced, so returning her to the rescue was an emotional task for them both.

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