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BLIND FAITH EXPANDED, the second book in the BLIND FAITH book series is now available!

TwinkIf you have read Blind Faith you already know both my boys very well. My dogs changed my world so profoundly I wanted to share their stories and others like them with anyone who would listen, to help raise awareness for these incredible animals. And to show the world they are truly worthy of a second chance.

What I didn’t share with my readers is we also had another “kid.” A special need rescue cat named Sydney. He is the inspiration behind this, the second book in my Blind Faith series. While working on the first project I met many wonderful special need rescue parents. As we traveled from home to home taking photographs I began to realize that they, like us, had special need cats as well as dogs. It was important to me for the first book to concentrate solely on dogs because for me, that is where this all began. Nevertheless, I also wanted to expand the second book to include our feline friends.

KizSydney came to me when I met my husband, Jason. He had two cats, Sydney and Jasmine. Jasmine died unexpectedly four years ago from cancer. It happened very quickly; she was literally fine one day and at the vet’s in critical condition the next. We had no option but to let her go. Sydney and Jasmine had been together for nearly twelve years, and when she left, Sydney’s health changed dramatically.

Sydney had always been an incredibly healthy cat. Even as a senior he frequently displayed kitten-like qualities. He was playful and vocal, and extremely affectionate with his sister, Jasmine, and both his doggy brothers, Twinkle and Kizmit. He was also wonderful with both Jason and me. Sydney was a sweet, social boy that wanted to be part of everything we did.

SydWhen Jasmine died we took Syd in for a battery of tests to make sure he was as healthy on the inside as he appeared on the outside. He wasn’t. His blood work showed he had thyroid cancer. We looked to our vet for advice and she happily informed us, there is a cure! We were thrilled and began treatment straight away. First, we needed to give him medicine; a cream that I rubbed on the inside of his ear. This medicine actually fed the cancerous tumor that had grown inside of Sydney’s body. The idea was to feed the tumor for a week, then stop the medicine and starve the tumor.

The next step was to take him to a clinic where he stayed for two days and was given a course of radioactive iodine shots. The starving tumor greedily devoured the new medicine that was introduced into Sydney’s system. The medicine killed the tumor. When Syd was re-tested three months later his results came back cancer-free. We believed Sydney was now totally healthy and we were thrilled. We were also wrong. 

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