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Blind Faith

Blind Faith
Blind Faith Expanded

Blind Faith Expanded

Blind Faith contains photographs and stories of special need rescue dogs. Witness the wonder of their bravery and limitless resilience. See how they inspire and transform the families who adopt them.  Please note Blind Faith second edition is a reprint of the original Blind Faith book and does not include any new material. Read more...


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Blind Faith Expanded, the second book in the Blind Faith series, continues the tradition of celebrating the lives of animals with disabilities. This time the special need doggy companions share the spotlight with their special need feline friends. This book is bursting with photographs and stories of exceptional cats and dogs. Read their heart-warming tales and marvel at their ability to adapt and overcome the challenges they face. See how they fill the lives of the families who adopt them with inspiration and delight. Read more...


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Website-author-photo.jpgHi my name is Yvonne Harper. I am the author and photographer of the Blind Faith book series. Welcome to my website! My Blind Faith books focus on special need rescue animals. This whole project was inspired by my own special need rescue companions. My two blind dogs, Twinkle and Kizmit, and my diabetic cat, Sydney. My kids, as I call them, changed my world. After all the positive lessons they taught me, dedicating my time to raising awareness for special need rescue animals seemed like the natural thing to do. My mission is to help people see these incredible beings for who they are and not for what they lack. My books are jam-packed with photographs and stories of many special need rescue companions. As you read each page you will soon discover how these amazing dogs and cats touch and change the families who adopt them. My wish is my books leave you inspired and with a greater understanding of why we open our hearts and homes to these remarkable animals time and time again. To not feel sorry for these dogs and cats but to instead be moved by their resilience and ability to embrace their uniqueness. Who knows, perhaps they may even leave you with a broader perception of perfection. Lastly I hope my books encourage you to visit a rescue or shelter next time you are considering adding a new animal to your clan. After all every homeless animal has a special need, they all need a second chance and a family to love them. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you visit again soon!

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